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Promote your Business with Postcards, Direct Mail and EDDM

Postcards are effective yet affordable targeted marketing pieces that quickly convey key messages and offers to key prospects and customers. Whether you want to advertise a promotion, deliver an announcement, say thank you, or simply promote your brand, we can help you design and create a memorable postcard that will land right in the hands of the people you want to reach. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, consider including a promotional product with your next mailing or printing with variable data.  Learn more about Direct Mail and EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

Types of Postcards

Postcards are an excellent way for a business to connect with clients or customers within the household. The major challenge with postcards is ensuring that recipients do not consider your postcard as junk mail. An easy way to ensure that your postcard is viewed is to experiment with paper types, textures, and added elements. 

Foil Postcards

Raised Foil can be text or portions of a logo that are physically lifted from the main plane of the paper on a postcard. The raised portions are in a metallic foil that could be any color like gold, silver, or copper. Raised Foil is a great way to connect with the recipient of the postcard by giving them an extra touch and visual experience feeling the raised portions as well as seeing the shine of the foil. 

Raised Spot UV Postcards

Raised Spot UV is used for portions of text, images, and elements that are lifted from the actual card itself. They are slightly lifted so as to give the impression they are on the same plane as the postcard but upon a shift in light or running a finger atop will present the Raised Spot UV. The UV is slightly polished to give the raised portions a slight shine. 

Suede Laminated Postcards

Suede is a type of paper finish that feels like a matte leather-ish texture that conveys an even greater degree of professionalism. Anyone who feels this paper finish will be instantly amazed and won’t want to put your postcard down. Using suede in tandem with Raised Spot UV or Raised Foil is increasingly effective in presenting a beautiful postcard.

Silk Laminated Postcards

Silk is another paper finish for postcards that is silky smooth with a matte finish. Silk cards are water and tear-resistant which means your business information will outlive many of the other business cards that are subject to easy rips or water spillage. 

Edge Cards

Edge Cards are similar to the Painted Edge Cards except the edge remains black without a special color decision. This choice still adds the impact of a thicker 32 pt card but is a good option for one who wants to convey quality on a budget. 

Natural Postcards

The natural paper is an unbleached paper. As a result, the paper color is a light warm yellow hue. The natural paper is perfect to convey a more natural aesthetic for an eco friendly or a company based on natural practices and products. 

Pearl Metallic Postcards

The Pearl Metallic finish for a business card gives off a metallic-like sheen with a smooth pearl simplicity. The Pearl Metallic Finish is elegant and glamorous, a perfect addition to a variety of businesses looking for postcards.

Brown Kraft Paper Postcards

Brown Kraft Paper postcards are printed on Kraft paper of a warm gray/brown paper. These are great for postcard designs that want to include light colors like white in their designs. This paper can give off a very artsy, minimal, and natural aesthetic depending on how they are done. 

Waterproof Postcards

Waterproofed postcards are composed of materials that make them waterproof and ultra resilient, giving it the durability to last for many years. This can be very beneficial to ensure that your postcard outlasts the sometimes unpredictable mailing.

To create your own postcard today, use our DIY Design tool at Minuteman Press National Print Service

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