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EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)? Your cost-effective direct mail marketing solution available here!

Today, the United States Postal Service has a gift for the small business owner. It's called "Every Door Direct Mail!" With an EDDM campaign, the Post Office has made it easy and more affordable for you to reach potential customers. For approximately one-third of the cost of a first-class stamp per piece, we can send out postcards, brochures, or large flyers to any carrier route. You can choose to start smaller and test the success of your EDDM marketing campaign by sending it to 200 addresses, or you can go big when you are ready and mail to up to 5,000 homes and businesses per day per Zip Code. This mailing will be delivered to every door without needing a mailing list for the addresses. It's a wonderful way to reach a community to promote your products and services. We are your Every Door Direct Mail partner from concept review and design through to printing and delivery.

EDDM is perfect for many businesses whose prospects are the local residents and businesses in a specific area(s), such as areas in Buffalo, New York. EDDM is a bulk mailing (200 pieces minimum) of identical mail pieces that are delivered to every household and business on specific carrier routes. You control which zip codes and carrier routes you want to mail to by using the EDDM Tool at the USPS website.

How Does Every Door Direct Mail Work?

With EDDM you can pinpoint your target market and the USPS delivers them directly to every mailbox. You can even determine exactly when it mails by when we drop them off at the designated post office.

Step 1:  You choose neighborhoods (carrier routes) that you want to mail to on the USPS's EDDM website.

Step 2:  We print your EDDM Postcards 

Step 3:  We drop them at the Post Office, and they deliver them.

Is EDDM Right for Your Business?

You control which zip codes and carrier routes you want to mail to by using the EDDM Tool at the USPS website.

EDDM works best for businesses that want to target anyone in a geographic area. From service businesses and restaurants to churches and political mailings.

Prices - USPS Marketing Mail Flats up to 3.3 oz

EDDM flyers, postcards, and other flats are considered USPS Marketing Mail® products.

EDDM Retail® USPS Marketing Flats currently $0.191 postage per piece vs. $0.55 for First Class Mail

EDDM Disadvantages

Because EDDM is mailed to everyone in a carrier route, it is not a good choice if your prospects are a highly targeted group. For example, if your products and services are ONLY purchased by Medical Doctors, etc. In such a case you will need a quality mailing list that contains only addresses likely to be interested in your products and services.

However, by carefully choosing your carrier routes, you can effectively target potential customers even without a mailing list: upper-income neighborhoods, residential areas with lots of children, etc. in Buffalo, New York. Many businesses find that the savings offered by EDDM offset the fact that many who receive their marketing material are not necessarily the most likely buyers of their products or services. The USPS website offers demographic data on its carrier route selection tool.

The US Postal Service has specific requirements for EDDM postcard size and papers. Minuteman Press of Buffalo carries nine standard postcard sizes and three different paper options that are all EDDM approved by the USPS.

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Why Use Our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Services?

  • EDDM = cost-effective distribution. Reach up to 5,000 homes and business per day per Zip Code at a lower cost than traditional mailing
  • We'll help you Geo-Target your message to your customers
  • We are your one-stop solution for EDDM and all direct mail marketing products and services