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Foam Core Mounting

Foam core mounting allows photos, posters, and other prints to be attached to Foam core, a durable and thicker material. Foam core mounting makes the print inflexible to stand up straight instead of being flimsy. These can be done with black and white or color prints. Foam core is very useful for creating durable signage for exhibits, displays, events, conventions, and within your stores. 


Foam core mounting can be done in many different custom sizes so it is a versatile way to mount your varying sized prints. 


When mounting with foam core, your print is printed on a matte paper and adhered to the foam core. Using this method is affordable, lightweight, and durable for outdoor conditions. Foam core mounting can add a nice pop to an image by adding dimension without taking away from the image itself. Images mounted with foam core can be easily suspended or hung to a wall to add a professional appeal. 


Foam core being so inexpensive, allows you to circulate images without breaking the bank. And if one gets damaged, replacing it is easy and cost effective.


When we mount foam core at Minuteman Press Buffalo, we do so at a professional quality level. When you receive your mounted images, you will not see any air bubbles within the image like you may obtain from doing the foam core mounting yourself or from another printer.