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Corporate Identity Packages

Creating a clear brand identity for your corporation or business is essential in unifying all aspects of a business from a physical store, to staff, to the online presence, to print out materials. The Corporate Identity Package is ideal for a newly starting business to get an all-in-one design and print service for all different types of print based materials such as flyers, brochures, adhesive signs, banners, and more. The Corporate Identity Package is also ideal for a pre-existing business that maybe has an unclear corporate and brand image. Ideally, everything within a business should be linked and visually similar so your customers and clients can pair all of your services and products to the same place. 


The services provided under the Corporate Identity Package are pretty flexible to each individual business and its needs. Some examples of services the package can provide are logo development, paper layouts, social media icons and banners, physical interior and exterior signage, menus, etc. 


We can design a corporate identity for your business that will introduce a consistent look and feel among all of your business communications materials.