Hunger and Poverty Day Recap

Match 12, 2018

Wes Froebel


Last month, the Leadership Buffalo Day session was Hunger and Poverty Day.   

I learned so much about our community.   We started out at Meals on Wheels which, to my surprise, is the largest Meals on Wheels in the country based upon the number of square miles that they cover. They are also the second largest (to NYC) in the number of meals served. They have 1700 Volunteers that cover 240 routes daily. 

After we toured and learned about Meals on Wheels, we broke up into groups of 8 people and went to volunteer at various locations. My group headed to the Hope House Shelter, where we spent several hours cleaning and organizing a storage room that was hard to even walk into when we arrived.

Next, we went to Lt Col. Matt Urban Services Center of WNY to get an overview of what services they provide to the community.

We finished the day participating in a poverty simulation that was administered by the United Way. It really made us see how much of a vicious cycle life can be when you have to make hard choices with little to no money.

Overall, the day was very eye-opening and informative. I learned many ways that I can help those who have a desire to get out of a bad situation that they may be faced with. It is so great to have these various programs here in Buffalo and know how much help they can provide to our community.