Education Day Recap

Education Day Recap

On March 14th, Leadership Buffalo gathered at PS 192 Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Black Box Theater.   After an introduction to the day by Althea Luehrsen (CEO of Leadership Buffalo) and Mollie Profic (Education Team Captain), each team was sent to tour two Buffalo Public Schools, one traditional school, and one Charter School.

My Team started at Tapestry Charter School. When we arrived, the National School Walkout had just started. We watched as the Students marched out of the school with signs for a 17-minute demonstration. They then returned to their classrooms for 17 minutes of reflection.  My Team was split up into 3 groups and went to different classrooms to observe the reflection.  When we arrived at the 6th-grade class, they were watching part of the speech from Washington DC.  After a few minutes of that, the children passed a ball around the room and shared their feelings and concerns about safety in schools.  It was very powerful to hear their young voices express their opinions.

Next, we toured the school and learned about "Crew".  Crew is a group of approximately 12 students that are paired with a teacher.  They meet every day and stay together for several years.  Since the teacher is with the students for several years, they learn a lot about them and their family situations and are there to counsel the students when needed.  The entire Crew becomes a tight-knit group that looks out for one another. 

There are approximately 200 applications to get admitted to Tapestry Charter School for only 40 openings per year.  However, they are expanding for the next school year and will be able to accept 80 new students.

Our next stop was City Honors, which is a magnet school and you must test to get in.  Many students who go here would likely go to a private school if they did not get admitted.  City Honors, which was originally Fosdick Masten High School, is a beautiful facility.

We then returned to PS 192 Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts for lunch and a short choral concert performed by the students.  Emily Wyckoff (LB '16) was our next speaker who gave us an overview of "Say Yes to Education", which offers city school students the opportunity to earn a scholarship for College.

Our next stop was D'Youville College for a panel discussion on the Buffalo School system.  

This full day of learning about how Buffalo's youth are being educated, and seeing what is successful and what some of the challenges can be, was a great experience.  The best way to get involved and help our students succeed is to participate in school board elections, whether you are a city or suburban resident.  We need to elect the people who have the best interest of our children and local youth in mind.